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Registration starts
November 16th and 17th 

at 12:00 pm CST

So here’s how the registration process will work. First, we thank you all for your excitement!! If it’s your first time around WELCOME and if you’ve been here before WELCOME BACK !! We all know that the booking day for most group trips is very chaotic so please bear with us if there are any hiccups.

Loyalty is a big thing for us !!! We rock with those who’s been rocking with us and some of yall were around before TXTO started and we appreciate that. EVERY YEAR we’ve held TXTO we have always given the returners a chance to book first and we will continue with that tradition. This is one of the unique things that TXTO does, and here's how it works. (KEEP READING).

Starting Thursday, November 16th, returners will be allowed a 24 hour booking window. During that time, they will be allowed to reserve their spot.  New comers DON’T WORRY, we will only release 50% of our capacity. We have a list of everyone that has EVER purchased a party pass for TXTO and that’s how we will cross-check the booking. The first day is returners only and NOT returners trying to book for their new friends.

- Any returners trying to book for their newcomer friends will have that booking canceled.
- Any newcomers trying to book their reservation on day 1, will be canceled and monies refunded.
- Remember, each person must purchase a party pass.

For the newcomers please don’t feel slighted. This is something we’ve done EVERY year.

At this time we are ONLY taking deposits to lock in your spot. Shortly after booking begins, the additional payment link will open and you can pay your remaining balance.

Returners Booking Starts: THURSDAY, November 16th @ 12:00 pm CST
Newcomers Booking Starts: FRIDAY, November 17th @ 12:00 pm CST



$75 – Party Pass only


$150 – Hotel Room
(Each hotel room deposit INCLUDES 1 party pass deposit

For the hotel, only 1 deposit is required to hold room. Roommates you do not have to book your own room. The hotel rate is the nightly rate for the entire room NOT per person. Only 1 room per order. If a person attempts to book multiple rooms in their name only one reservation will be accepted. 

Each person must purchase a pass. To guarantee full weekend access, you must have a party pass.

Use this link to make deposit:  CLICK HERE

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